windowsWhen you’re picking your windows here in the greater Virginia area, you want to make sure that you’re going to have quality work done while still getting the most out of that natural light. While quality is definitely important, it isn’t the only thing you should be looking for.

A good majority of windows in homes, unless recently installed, are either not UV treated or are an older, weaker UV treatment. If you are replacing windows, it’s best that you ensure any windows you select can, and will be, UV treated. If you are unsure whether or not this a feature you’re looking for, we can help break down what it is that’s so great about UV windows.

A window provides light, which we often see as a plus; natural light is fantastic. But, what we don’t recognize is how the UV rays coming in can damage our homes. Almost all fabrics, artwork, and furniture can age and become damaged with too much sunlight.

The same UV rays that are damaging your furniture are harmful to you, and your family, as well. Any UV rays coming in through untreated windows can not only harm your eyes, but they can lead to premature aging and skin cancer. You might think the chances of this happening are slim to none, but consider the amount of time spent inside your house, and how little we concern ourselves with safety from the sun while indoors. The chances aren’t that slim.

Another benefit of UV windows is that they are energy efficient. Keeping harmful rays of sun out of your home keeps our home from reaching the maximum temperatures we feel outdoors. Because of this, you are less likely to be blasting your AC unit all summer long.
Replacing any untreated windows will not only help preserve the color of fabrics, carpets, hardwood floors, antiques and woods, but it will also be energy efficient and contribute to keeping your body safe from harmful UV rays. Call Genes Exterior Remodeling for any window repair instances. Be sure to ask about your options with UV treated windows. 804-419-5494.