Paying for electric can get ridiculous, especially living in Midlothian where temperatures get too unbearably hot levels. As we enjoy the bearable temperatures of fall, it’s time to begin thinking of the cold air that winter brings our way. You may have noticed this summer that your home had a hard time staying cool, and while we would love to blame it on the Texas sun, this is likely due to your home being inefficient. One of the main ways that a home loses efficiency is through old windows. Whether they are single pane or have a wood frame, the air in your home has easy access to exit your home.

As windows have evolved, companies have constructed windows with double panes and frames made of vinyl that fit the window and the space perfectly so that air isn’t able to escape. Because of this tight seal, your home holds it’s temperature steadily. Whether it be the cool air in the summer or the heat in the winter, you use less energy because of it.

By scheduling an appointment with our experts before the temperature drops, you can make sure that your home is fully efficient before you need heat blowing all winter. Also, having your windows replaced during the cooler season could take longer than desired, so getting it done as soon as possible eliminates any cold, unwanted air from blowing into your home when temperatures are already low.

Contact Gene’s Exterior Remodeling to get an estimate on window replacement for your home. Our professionals will work with you to find the most suitable window for your home. Our quality windows will not only make a great addition to your home, but they will increase the efficiency of your home. Call today!