In our previous blog, we talked about some of the benefits to replacing your windows before the winter cold hit. If there’s anything that can truly convince you that it’s time to get your windows changed, it’s the frost that’s building up on the inside of your window. Windows have been improved through the construction of double-paned glass and constant bettering of installation methods. The homes with double paned windows that have been installed well are less likely to see any frost on the inside of their window, it’s homes with older windows or poor installation that are more likely to see this.

Frost is created when your windows are exposed to a combination of chilly air on the outside and the warm, moist air inside. Moisture is naturally drawn to the room’s window, so there is an excess of moisture by the window pane as is. When the temperature outside is below the point of dew, the moisture that is built up by your windows turns into crystals, making up the frost that you see.

While this has an incredibly naturalistic look to it, when the frost melts it causes damage to the area that holds the window in place. When window frames are wooden, the water soaks into the wood causing it to rot or crack. When the windows that are frosting are single paned, the melting frost will go into the foundation of your home. When this happens, mold and mildew are given the opportunity to grow, which can cause long term damages to your home.

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