Trust us, we know how much of a pain the constant repainting and most likely replacing of siding can be. Those exact reasons are why Genes Exterior Remodeling has dedicated all our siding services to great, quality repairs and replacements.

Our Vinyl siding services, for example, are completed with “lifetime” exterior veneer. Which means the siding we install on your Midlothian home, will never have to be painted unless you desire an exterior makeover. Even better, each of our siding jobs is completed with PVC coated aluminum custom trim work, which gives your siding a polished look and keeps you from having to paint the exterior of your home frequently.

Our siding benefits don’t just stop there though. We also offer an insulated Vinyl paneling that provides the same great perks as mentioned earlier, but with an added protection for your home. These panels are attached to a section of non-allergenic foam and offer a high R rating for veneer finish, which supplies each panel with an increased impact resistance. Essentially giving every panel a pristine flat look no matter the weather or who is playing baseball behind your house!

We offer a number of different Vinyl siding services, which include:

  • Vinyl Siding Installation
  • Vinyl Siding Repair
  • Vinyl Cedar Shake
  • Insulated Vinyl Panel Installation
  • Insulated Vinyl Panel Repair

Not to mention we offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, which means all the products we install onto your home are covered for life, for the original owner. So, let our Genes Exterior Remodeling experts come out and take a look at your Virginia home. Contact us for a free estimate today!