Install insulated siding in your homeLooking back at when you first chose siding for the exterior of your home, you most likely looked at how low maintenance it was. Siding provides the perk of quick and easy maintenance. This is seen in the ability to power wash rather than paint. If the easy maintenance was a big part of why you chose siding, I am excited to tell you that the maintenance just got lower, that is, if you’ve selected insulated siding. Genes Exterior Remodeling here in Midlothian, Virginia, not only helps you keep your home low maintenance, but also helps keep your home energy efficient, all through our insulated siding.

A major discrepancy to insulated siding is how it reacts to humidity. Here in Midlothian we have to worry about how the high humidity, as well as those snowy winter days, will affect our siding. The Vinyl Siding Institute composed a study based on insulated siding and how it would react to wet climates. Their findings showed that insulated siding dried quicker than your standard vinyl siding. Why is that?  Because of the insulation. This result is a prime example of how much a little bit of insulation can do for your home.

Aside from the warmth provided by insulation, our siding provides durability due to the foam insulation that is fused behind the siding. Each foam insulation morphs in order to fit the the exterior of the building to which the siding is being fitted . This helps keep your siding strong and straight as time goes on. The foam also allows for the application process to go quicker.

If you’re looking to switch to vinyl or replace the vinyl currently on your house, insulated vinyl is a fantastic option. Contact Genes Exterior Remodeling today and let us get started on fixing up your home! 804-419-5494.