Siding has provided an updated aesthetic to homes. Wood would age and crack, and siding has proved to be much less maintenance. If this is the case, why is it that all of a sudden you’re beginning to notice a new green hue to your home’s exterior? This tint of green comes from a buildup of algae, moss or mold on your home’s siding.

While the problem itself is not a big one, the longer it goes unkempt the bigger it becomes. Having moss, mold or algae on your siding does not call for a replacement, unless it’s been sitting for a while, in which case it might.

The best way to tackle this issue is by simply washing the siding. There is, in fact, a specific product that is made for washing these types of substances off of your siding that can be found in most hardware stores. Once you’ve purchased this, let the wash sit. After the product soaks, use a long handled scrub brush to scrub the mold, moss and algae off. Rinse the siding down afterwards, but while doing so, be cautious as to where the water hits. Too much water behind the siding could take a while to evaporate, raising the chances of a mold problem taking place.

There are plenty of ways to avoid this build up happening, the primary one being washing or rinsing your siding down regularly so that these substances can’t grow; once or twice a year is plenty. If it’s time to update or replace your siding, call Genes Exterior Remodeling in Midlothian and let us take care of the dirty work!