gutterAs the leaves on your trees begin to change colors, you can count on them to fill up your gutters. While we all enjoy the trees bringing their red and yellow leaves to the scenery, it’s a whole separate issue when they begin to fill our gutters. Cleaning your gutters is easily one of the most important projects you can do on your home. Unfortunately, this project often goes overlooked until the gutter needs repairing.

Cleaning your gutters needs to happen more than once a year, especially if your home has a fair amount of trees surrounding it. Doing it a couple of times a year, maybe twice in the fall and spring, can make cleaning your gutters quick and easy.

So what’s the big deal with cleaning your gutters? They serve as a means to keep water away from the structure of your home. When it rains or snows, the water falls into the gutters and down the shoot, keeping the infrastructure of your home safe from water damage. Now, when you have leaves, bird nests or other debris blocking the shoot entrance, the debris will absorb the water. The weight of the debris and water absorption pulls down on the gutters which can cause them to pull away from your house and to fall. This creates a dangerous environment for anyone in, or around, the house, but also can do damage to siding, wood or roofing.

If you’ve neglected your gutters for a while, and have learned that gutters can do damage when they come down, Genes Exterior Remodeling can help you. Our team of professionals can help you with gutter installation, replacement and repair. We can also take care of any siding that was damaged in the incident. Call today if your Midlothian home is in need of some home improvements after letting your gutters get out of hand.